Patrick Jones

The work of Patrick Jones focuses on leading people to awaken to their true nature of inner well-being. With a background in clinical psychology for twenty years and a spiritual teacher for the last 10 years of his career, he moved his focus to secular teaching and academia bringing the marriage of psychology and spirituality into the mainstream. Patrick has presented at state, national and international conferences in psychology and health and has also been a spiritual director for both eastern ashrams and western monasteries.

Patrick is an occasional university lecturer and tutor and was recently published in the International Journal of Humanistic Psychology (Mindfulness-Based Heroism: Creating Enlightened Heroes). Through his clinical work and research , Patrick developed a quality of life and well-being program (Mindfulness-based Quality of Life and Well-Being Program) which has been used by thousands of people with its findings presented at conferences around Australia and internationally.

Through his public teaching and one-on-one work work with students at Clear Mind Open Heart Patrick’s focus is to lead people along the path to inner well-being, happiness and spiritual enlightenment. He now brings the skill sets of his public speaking and his clinical work directly to the work of seeing through what is in the way of awakening to the underlying true nature.


Patrick Jones on Mindfulness and Inner Well-Being – training the Cancer Council (2012)


“The process of awakening is a remarkable experience when doing it alone but it seems to me that having a teacher allows a person to truly understand the experience and experience it fully. Patrick describes this process and the process of awakening in the clearest and most effective way that I have heard it described for the western intellect.”

– David Budge, CEO, Aurora Labs




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