Patrick Jones is founder and teacher at Clear Mind Open Heart. His work focuses on leading people to awakening to their true nature of inner well-being. The following description outlines some of the goals and outcomes of the work.

If you think about the two major groups that improve happiness, psychology and religion would have to be the biggest. Increasing numbers of people are accepting psychology as a normal means to solve problems and improve well-being. Alongside this millions of people not satisfied with their lives continue to turn to conventional religions.

If you choose psychology you will receive help to solve problems and to improve your beliefs and behaviours. However, psychology can’t deliver inner well-being as it is not built to do that. If you choose a religious or spiritual path this can indeed lead you to happiness but it includes a cultural system, beliefs and practices. But for those that are seeking inner well-being independent of all beliefs what paths are available?

Clear Mind Open Heart

To assist in the bridge between these two areas, Patrick Jones and the teaching process at Clear Mind Open Heart teaches the path of happiness beyond the mind – the natural state of a human being. Using a practical approach Clear Mind Open Heart focuses on how to build both psychological balance (mastering thoughts and allowing emotions) whilst opening to the spiritual experience of ongoing inner well-being. Through this approach, you both face your psychological obstacles and open to the natural resting state of the untouchable true nature – an experience greater than thoughts, feelings and sensations. An expansive sense of inner well-being fully engaged in but completely independent of life conditions. To find out more go to www.clearmindopenheart.org

Public Teaching at Clear Mind Open Heart

The public teaching events give you an introduction to the processes to create psychological maturity and spiritual openness in the journey to awaken to your enlightened true nature. Using the Clear Mind / Open Heart method the teaching process introduces the enlightened true nature of each person and the steps to open to the experience of inner peace. It focuses on being personally relevant so you can see what’s in the way for you to experience this. This interactive and powerful process is held weekly as a way to personally face current obstacles to opening to the natural state. It is always dynamic and responsive to their mental, emotional and spiritual state at the time. It is a powerful means for all to get specific input and to keep them progressing in the process of awakening to the pure nature uncontaminated by disturbance. The public work can range from educational, personally challenging, fun or profoundly peaceful. To read more about this program go to www.clearmindopenheart.org/public-program

Student Program at Clear Mind Open Heart

The Student Program is a rigorous combination of both group teaching and specialised individual input and is the traditional student-teacher model – the fast track to progress. In this process, the student is shown a mirror of what is in the way of further opening and is directly assisted with this. It is an opportunity to have direct inquiry and is only for those who feel ready to work intensively on the path of awakening to their true nature. When you become a member of this program your commitments are weekly group sessions and regular individual sessions. You join a dedicated group of like-minded people who are committed to awakening to the enlightened true nature and being of ego-less service to the world. You receive personal support in the process of spiritual awakening whilst living a balanced life in the world characterised by kindness and service to others. To read more about this program go to www.clearmindopenheart.org/student-program

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